NCCC, The Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference.

Catalyse Change - Change Catalysis

     The 25th Anniversary Edition will take place 4-6 March 2024



Plenary speakers XXV 2024

Professor Anastassia Alexandrova

"Interfacial fluxionality in electrocatalysis"

Professor Shannon Stahl

" Maximizing the potential of dioxygen in synthetic aerobic oxidation reactions "

Professor Martin Muhler

"Redox catalysis at surfaces - from thermal to photo-, electro- and plasmacatalysis"

Professor Jennifer Andexer

"Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry"

Professor Erwin Reisner

"Artificial photosynthesis to make renewable fuels"

Keynote speakers XXV 2024

Professor Alain Marty

"Biotechnology powering plastic and textile circularity"

Dr. Mariana Monteiro

"Electrode - Electrolyte Interfaces"

Dr. Céline Chizallet

"Mechanistic and structural sources of complexity in the atomic scale simulation of Brønsted acidic zeolite catalysts"

Dr. Josep Cornella

"Bismuth redox catalysis"

Professor Jimmy Faria Albanese

"Leveraging polymer coatings on heterogeneous catalysts to modulate diffusion and transition states"

Dr. Glenn Pollefeyt

"The role of catalysis in decarbonizing petrochemical industry"

Ludo Boot

"Catalytic processing of the new circular feedstocks"



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