Technical Exhibition

Every year the Technical Exhibition at the NCCC is a great success. The exhibition area is located in the centre of the lecture halls guaranteeing large exposure to the conference participants.

The objective of the exhibition is to:

  • Inform participants about the latest developments in research supporting tools.
  • Spread your company's brand and/or a product in the Chemistry & Catalysis society in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Contact potential customers

Technical Exhibition Demonstrations & Workshops

The Technical Exhibition of the NCCC has a long-standing tradition of showing the latest technological developments in the field of catalyst preparation, analysis and evaluation. This year, the exhibitors will get the opportunity to display their technological knowledge even more. In four time-slots on Tuesday, several exhibitors will give a demonstration or workshop, in which they can display their added value for your catalysis research. The aim is to have interactive sessions in which participants and exhibitors can openly discuss on various topics. You can find the abstracts of the workshops in the Book of Abstracts, next to the advertisements of the Exhibitors.

Workshops and Demonstrations